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Human evolution is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated by science. But the second biggest is Piltdown Man. Any time someone brings up the genetic similarities between species, transitional fossils, embryonic development, hemoglobin mutation rates and anything else in the supposed “mountain of evidence” for evolution, just remind them of good ol’ Piltdown Man. For those

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Creationist Harry Trunckles discusses his thoughts on economics.

by Steven Olsen

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In this episode we have… -Explain THAT Science!: Harry Trunckles explains the real nature of light and particle/wave duality. -Jasper Pennies reviews the oil spill. -Final Solutions: Michelle Glasshappy presents tips on how to take care of babies. -The Unofficial Version: Nicola Novakowsky discusses possible 9/11 inside job culprits. -Platinum Crowjackal explains spontaneous human combustion

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Jesus H-ing Christ you astronomers are a boring bunch! When I say boring, I mean boring with a capital boring. Take black holes for instance. ‘Black holes’ is such an uncreative term. These singularities are actually pretty impressive. They speak to God’s glory. I say we call them Glory Holes. I proposed this in a

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Man. Scientists think they know everything don’t they. Well guess what? They’re not so smart. Really. I asked one once and he couldn’t even explain why my wife left me.