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Those extremist, racist, wingnut, Nazi-Nazi teabaggers worked together with democrats to kill parts of the Patriot Act that were up for renewal. So racist! Why are tea partiers so racistly attacking Obama? I hate the Patriot Act too, but you don’t see me criticizing Obama do you? Of course not, that would be insanely racist.

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The first barrier to reviewing Locoroco 4 was getting the game to work. I purchased the game and commanded it to work many times with no result. Eventually my daughter, Eve, came over and helped me out with it. Apparently you have to spend another $250 to buy a machine that coaxes it to function.

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I consider myself something of a skeptic. Always have been. When I was a little kid, a teacher explained that there were 24 hours in a day. I wondered if that was for real or not. Now I finally have found the evidence to prove that my sonofabitch kindergarten teacher was a filthy liar!

By Political Opinion Columnist Wilhelm Blitzkrieg

America! What the hell is wrong with you?! It’s been about one month into this healthcare debate and you’re already beginning to cool down and evaluate the facts?

Whatever happened to discussions of death panels?

Look I know Obama is hiding the fact that he was not born in this country. He was born overseas in Kenya. He’s not willing to show that birth certificate live and in front of the country. But I think it’s time to come to a compromise. I think it’s high time that President Obama concedes to us that he will only count as 3/5′s of a President.