There’s a lot of weird things at the Denver Airport. The masonic stone over the time capsule not to be opened until 2094 is particularly troubling. There is a strange keypad that is above it. Some say that keypad was used to control the planes on September 11th. The people who operated that keypad are probably already dead. That explains why no one has ever heard of their existence.

One of my friends went to the Denver Airport to check out the inscription on the Mason time capsule. I haven’t heard from him for two weeks. He could be dead. He probably already is. That or he is trapped in the Nazi painting they have there. I keep getting phone calls from the Denver Airport. I better not answer, they’ll get me next.

Speaking of the creepy one world government Nazi painting, did you know that just like the airplanes at the Denver Airport, this mural cloaks and decloaks.

This mural might seem normal now, but that is only because it is decloaked in this picture.

The runways apparently has the look of a swastika. Seems like there is a bigger conspiracy happening here. Could this swastika shape be designed for Aryan space aliens to come and take us over? Am I asking questions as a rhetorical device to make you take my position more seriously without declaring it flat out?

Incidentally, you might want to know that the Key West airport is shaped like the Illuminati’s all-seeing eye, John F. Kennedy airport is shaped like a freemason and O’hare airport is shaped like a giant penis. Very mysterious and sinister signals emanate from O’hare to penis-aliens that state how we are ripe for the pickin’.

Pretty spooky, huh?

The Denver airport has all sorts of alien tech, such as conveyers that move your luggage by an unearthly means.

An airport less known about is the Aspen airport. There are funny shaped carts in the surrounding area that get pulled into the sky by cables and the people occupying these carts do not return when the cart is going down hill. These people must be taken into space by aliens.

Most sinister of all is known illuminati member John Denver, a high ranking member whom the airport was named after. His song Rocky Mountain High is all about the thrill he will get when he poisons humanity. Denver even faked his death to further throw us off the tracks. How did he supposedly die? In a plane crash. Obviously this is a clue.

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